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Pumping Stations

ABCO Water Systems has been designing, manufacturing and installing sewage and greywater pumping stations for over 40 years. These pump stations are designed for each situation depending on site and client requirements and applicable standards; whether for water authorities, commercial and industrial customers, hospitality industry or for the private home. The design takes into consideration hydraulic loading, product to be pumped, total head (including static and friction loss) and discharge pressure requirements.

The pump station housing material can vary based on the most suitable composition for the intended purpose. This includes concrete, fiberglass and fibre cement. ABCO pump stations are suitable for installation in wet areas, sand conditions, as well as rugged soil and rock excavations. Small pump stations for above ground and semi inverted installation, suitable for rapid relocation, can also be supplied.

Pump station dimensions can be varied to suit client requirements and expected maximum flows. These dimensions are typically between 1200mm and 1800mm in diameter, with depths from 600mm to 6m.

The pumps are selected as required by project conditions but typical pumps that ABCO use are Ebara, KSB and Tsurumi. These are submersible pumps and are available with various impellers, including vortex, single channel, cutter and grinder configurations. All pumps are fitted on stainless steel guide rails and quick-disconnect couplings, which allow for easy installation and servicing with no requirement for confined space entry.

The required electrical supply can range from 240V single phase to 415V and 690V installations, and can be made suitable for both 50 and 60 frequency power supplies. The minimal electrical supply is limited by the requirements of the selected pumps. Control circuitry typically runs on 24V dc with a built-in power supply for conversion from site mains. Equipment control can be managed either by standard circuit breakers or PLC/microcontroller solutions. All pump stations come equipped with a standard alarm system to indicate high levels, pump failure and restricted flow. These alarms can be expanded by choosing more intelligent control measures.

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