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Sludge Thickening

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Centrifuge Unit
Centrifugal desludging plants utilise similar mechanics to that of a drum screen. The primary differences are a finer screening of particulate size and a faster rotational speed. This creates the centrifugal forces necessary to separate the sludge solids from the liquid, much similar to the ‘spin dry’ function on a conventional washing machine. Centrifuge units are fitted with self-cleaning mechanisms which require a potable or clean water source. Centrifuge units can typically reduce the sludge volume by 40-60%.

Belt Filter Press
The ABCO belt filter press is a compact unit used to remove and recycle the liquid from waste sludge, leaving only a cake that can be collected and disposed of. Each filter press plant is typically developed as a containerised system that can be easily installed and removed from site as required.

The belt filter press size varies depending on client requirements. A standard sized filter press can process up to 80-100m3 of waste sludge per day. Depending on the initial water content of the sludge, this can reduce the sludge volume by 60-80%. This type of unit will typically be installed in a 20ft sea container and requires compaction and/or concrete works prior to installation. The sludge is dosed with a specially formulated polymer that varies in design based on the sludge content. The polymer design and water content determine the dosing rate and hence volume usage. The thickened sludge cakes should be collected into an enclosed storage container and disposed of as per site and Health Department regulations.

Drying Beds
Sludge drying beds are a simple and cost effective method of sludge dewatering. They reduce the water content of sludge by over 90% and the only power needed is that required to run two small pumps. They require no additional polymers or chemicals.

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