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Reverse Osmosis

ABCO water pump skids are designed to maintain supply of water to a camp at constant head pressure. Each pump skid can include both chemical and/or ultraviolet water disinfection. They are equipped with a minimum of two pumps that are controlled by either a PLC or VSD to alternate duty cycle while maintaining the required head pressure.

The skid-based design allows for rapid installation, relocation and/or demobilisation. Each mechanical component is able to be individually isolated, making maintenance quick and easy.

Typically the pump skids are installed along with two fully enclosed water tanks; one for untreated or raw water, and one for treated water. The pump skid is set up to constantly recirculate treated water through the system and back to the treated water tank. This serves to maintain the correct pH and chlorine levels in the treated water.

The chemicals required for a standard ABCO water pump skid are a disinfectant and a pH adjuster. The chemicals commonly used for these functions are sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorine) and either sodium bicarbonate or citric acid, respectively. An average water pump skid supplying a camp of 150 persons utilises approximately 1000L per year of 12% liquid chlorine. The annual consumption of pH adjusting chemical is highly variable, dependent on the source water quality.

Pump skid maintenance is very minimal and simply consists of confirming the correct operation of equipment and monitoring the levels of dosed chemicals. In less sophisticated systems, maintenance may also include sampling of treated water and manual modification of chemical dosing parameters. ABCO recommends quarterly servicing of pump skids to maintain the effectiveness of the equipment.

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